Guinea Fresh

Guinea Fresh

MKF Guinea Fresh brings the delicious, exotic flavors from West Africa to Europe and North America. MKF Guinea Fresh, previously known as F Sheriff Import, was founded by Fatu Sheriff in the Netherlands. We believe in the importance of relationships and community. Our family and company values take great inspiration from our cultural background.
Proudly family run, we aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners and customers. On this website, discover hundreds of products across the different categories.

 • Family is important
• Work hard and smart
• Appreciate the good things of your roots

Our Star Products

Palm Oil

One of the most coveted oils in the world, palm oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruits of the oil palm. This versatile oil is a key ingredient in many delicious foods (in meals like potato leaf soup and desserts like cakes and chocolates) and beauty products (like soaps and cosmetics). Our Guinea Fresh palm oil is ethically sourced, fresh from the palm trees of West Africa to the palm of your hand.

Fonio Dried

Fonio is a whole cereal grain with a rich, nutty taste and a light texture. Fonio is a nutitional powerhouse, since it’s naturally gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals. It can be served as a porridge or ground into flour to be used in baking

Okra Fresh

Okra, sometimes called ladies’ fingers, is a common vegetable with a sweet, grassy flavor. Okra is not only delicious, but its slimy texture is also loved for the effect it has in soups and stews. The bright green color of Okra also makes it a stunning vegetable to adorn dishes.

Sumbala Spices

Sumbala, also known as Dawadawa, is an aromatic seasoning widely used in soups and stews across West Africa. This flavor enhancer is made from seeds extracted from the African locust bean.

Frozen Cassava Leaf

A staple plant in many tropical countries, cooked cassava leaves is a healthy plant with a variety of uses. Cassava leaves are rich in both carbs and protein, providing consumers with a great source of energy. Cassava leaves are a key ingredient in cassava leaf soup – made with rice, a meat of choice, and palm oil.

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